Designer + Developer + IT + Good Guy

Charles A. Palmer

About Me

I have a diverse range of knowledge in information technology. I have been using computers the majority of my life and have worked on operating systems ranging from DOS to Windows 10 including some server OS experience, Mac OS, and Linux. Past jobs include some CAD experience, computer repair, designing, programming, customer support, project management, and teaching.

I graduated with highest honors in E-Commerce Web Development. Web development is my passion and the core subject of computers that I have spent the most time learning and improving. I have 10+ years experience in web development. In the past I have built a complete content management system (CMS) from the ground up that included advanced features such as:

  • Version Control
  • Checkout System
  • Approval System
  • Granular Rights Based on Users/Groups
  • Document & File Management
  • Calendar System
  • Multi-site Support
  • Separate Staging & Live Enviroments

In additional to that I have kept up with emerging technologies by learning responsive design, web apps, and developing mobile apps using Ionic. I have several certifications backing up my knowledge in these subjects.


  • C/C++: Experienced in developing in C/C++ for desktop and embedded systems.
  • PHP: Vast experience with PHP including object-oriented design.
  • MySQL: Vast experience on creating relational database structures, prepared statements, and transactional processes.
  • HTML: Experienced with hardcoding HTML5
  • CSS: Experienced with CSS3 including responsive design, transitions, and animation.
  • Javascript: Certified in Javascript with strong experience with Angularjs, Angular, Vue, jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile.
  • Design: Experienced with creating custom designs and web optimization.
  • Mobile: Knowledged in mobile web applications including Ionic, and PhoneGap/Apache Cordova.
  • Project Management: Experienced in GIT version control and managing multiple projects at once.
  • APIs: Experienced in developing APIs to communicate with dedicated hardware on Windows, Linux, and Android.